Daniel Sacchero

General Manager
With his unmistakable accent, Daniel spends his time talking with our customers, technology partners, and government officials, coaching the team, and spreading the Easyweb word.

Ben House

Technical Services and Happenings Manager
Hailing from the Apple Isle, Ben is responsible for keeping things ticking over for our valued clients from our Melbourne HQ and making things happen all over Australia: in Sydney, Brisbane, Cape York, Darwin, or Halls Creek. In the middle of the Melbourne winter, he rides his fixie bike to the office in shorts. We think that he is just tough but we are not quite sure.

Sean O'Connor

Installation Captain
Sean is one of kind, preferring to be in the bush going to do some really remote system instal that sipping capuchinos in Smith Street. And he gets things done, regardless of weather or other conditions. We hardly see Sean around the office and when he is in he is normally showing some photos of some cool place that he just been....as he says....he is living the dream....

Sam Lim

Senior Network Engineer
If there's anything the rest of us don't know about a network, Sam is our go-to man. He's been with Easyweb from the start and continues to build, monitor and troubleshoot networks all over the country. He also can name all the good Malaysian restaurants in town..

Richard Ou

Help Desk Co-ordinator
Generally speaking, Easyweb networks run so smoothly you don't notice them. But when there's an issue, it seldom escapes Richard's watchful eye. Monitoring an impressive array of network diagnostic erm, stuff, he'll leap on a problem and fix it before anyone else knows it's happened.

Wen Wei

Accounts Magician
If there's an issue with a number, Wen will get it sorted. She makes sure all our bills are paid on time and sends the occasional friendly reminder to our clients. In the company Wen is legendary as every fortnight she pays our wages. We are forever grateful.....

Nicholas Eaton

Project and Sales Co-ordinator
When you ring Easyweb, there's a good chance that Nicholas will be the guy at the other end. He's good like that. And he also keeps some of our projects humming along.