Caylus, the Central Australian Youth Link-Up Service was established in Alice Springs in 2002 to work in the area of youth rehabilitation and prevention of addiction to petrol sniffing. Caylus delivers youth programs in indigenous communities in Central Australia.   

One of its main activities is the development of computer rooms in community for public use access. Caylus provides local youth assistance and supervision while making use of the facilities. These computer rooms are very popular with people from different age groups using them for many different applications including accessing government services, self learning, keeping in touch with family and friends via social media and many others.  

Providing Public WiFi facilities at many of these computer rooms, Caylus has also extended Internet access to people with their own devices.  Working with the local community they developed the local capacity to manage it and thus reduce the risks of trolling or bullying on line.   Caylus deploys Easyweb's Happy Hotspot system to limit hours of operation, set daily download limits, provide strong content filtering and  block particular sites on a temporary or permanent basis. Happy Hotspot assists in keeping the online experience safe. 

Caylus  provides a very valuable service to many people in Central Australia.