From Smith Street Mall in the CBD to the Nightcliff Aquatic Centre, 7km to the North, Easyweb’s WiFi system keeps Darwin visitors and residents connected and engaged, and Darwin city informed on network usage.  Designed, installed and now monitored and maintained by Easyweb, the Encapto Cloud Deck enables visibility and reporting across six locations served by Ruckus WiFi access points and Cambium Point to Point equipment for high capacity public WiFi.

Location aware content

Darwin City delivers location specific content to each of its sites.   So while users at Smith Street mall can expect to see a local map and promotions from nearby retailers, visitors to the Nightcliff Aquatic Centre will see pool opening hours and other useful information about the centre.  For Darwin City, content can be updated instantly at one or more locations, scheduled to deliver time-sensitive messaging

Total Network Control

To ensure a fair and consistent internet experience for everyone, City of Darwin sets custom per user data and time limits for staff and visitors. Content filtering ensures safe family friendly browsing via Encapto’s DNS filtering system blocking access to inappropriate content categories and individual sites.

Project Management

The City of Darwin WiFi sites are all in high traffic areas making timing and workplace Health and Safety key issues during the installation phase.  Deployed over three months during 2016, Easyweb developed a detailed implementation plan designed to minimise disruption while keeping staff and public safe.  With work permits organised ahead of time for fast deployment each site was commissioned in just a few days.

User management

With so much functionality from a single platform, City of Darwin required different access levels for its staff to manage the network and content. Using Encapto’s granular permissions system portal content is the exclusive domain of the City’s marketing department while network administration and reporting can only be controlled by IT staff. 

Reporting and Analytics

The WiFi Control Panel enables City of Darwin to access Easyweb network monitoring data and to present it in graph and table formats. Upload, download, device type and location are just a few of the key data that are accessible via the Control Panel’s user-friendly interface.

Maintenance and Support

Full end user support is provided from the Easyweb Network operations Centre from 8am until 8pm AEST.  Our 1300 number enables users with WiFi questions or issues to access our trained team of skilled engineers for speedy resolution.