Wingellina or Irrunytju Community is a small Indigenous community located in remote part of Western Australia. Our client, NG Media, is an indigenous-owned media organisation empowering remote communities of Western Australia through use of multimedia.

NG Media needed a wireless network system that they can utilize to broadcast digital radio services and deliver WiFi access to Wingellina community. Easyweb built a system that provides connectivity to the entire community and allows them manage portal content and internet connectivity. 

Large coverage area – small pricetag

Backhauled with a community provided satellite system connected to the NBN, Easyweb designed and built a mesh network covering the whole Wingellina community. 

Cambium point to multipoint wireless equipment was installed on a centrally located communications tower connecting with WiFi Access Points throughout the community.  Use of Cambium equipment throughout means the entire network can be managed through a single interface and the equipment’s low pricepoint made for cost effective coverage of the community.

Delivering Local Content

NG Media was looking for a multifunctional platform to deliver and manage internet access to Wingellina community as well as broadcast local digital content straight to a user’s device. Easyweb integrated NG Media’s broadcasting equipment with Encapto’s management platform to manage connectivity and enable community access to NG’s programmes, all from a single location.

Enabling Community Control

NG Media is able to control its internet usage by setting time and download limits, as well as filter content to ensure appropriate use.  Encapto WiFi’s OpenDNS-based content filtering blocks key content categories and sites and redirects users away from inappropriate material. 

Relevant Dynamic Portal Content

NG Media’s captive portal displays NG Media branding and important information for users in the community such as links to internet banking, weather forecasts and councils sites. The  splash page is fully mobile responsive to cater for the range of devices used throughout the community. The intuitive portal builder enables authorised NG Media staff to update content at any time with minimal technical knowledge.

Rapid Installation

Before any installation takes place, Easyweb project management HQ plans and coordinates access requirements including site induction and permits to enable quick network deployment. This careful planning and preparation facilitated rapid installation at 9 different buildings in under a week.

Reporting and Analytics

The WiFi Control Panel enables NG Media to access Easyweb network monitoring data and to present it in graph and table format. Upload, download, device type and location are just a few of the key data that are accessible via the Control Panel’s user-friendly interface.

Maintenance and Support

Full end user support is provided from the Easyweb Network operations Centre from 8am until 8pm AEST. An Easyweb manned 1300 number enables users with WiFi questions or issues to access our trained team of skilled engineers for speedy resolution.