Event 05.09.2017

Critical Wireless Infrastructure and the 10 Gbps microwave radio link: the technology and its applications.

Thursday  21st of September 2017   8.00AM – 10.00AM

Bargoonga Nganjin  -  Seminar 1 Room North Fitzroy Community Hub
182 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy

Wireless radio links are an integral part of high capacity networks and provide network owners with the ability to interconnect discrete sites. With the market release of the NEC 10 Gbps radio link it is now possible to provide reliable very high bandwidth between sites at very low costs.

Krisztian Som is the Radio Solutions Business Manager at NEC Australia. He specializes in radio and optical transmission and is responsible for NEC’s microwave backhaul and small-cell LTE portfolio for carrier, enterprise and government in Australia. He is a qualified engineer and an experienced sales professional. He will be presenting the NEC iPasolink EX Advanced technology, its applications and its benefits.

Workshop Agenda

8.15  to 8.45 – Greetings and Breakfast

8.45 to 9.00 – Daniel Sacchero - Workshop Introduction

9.00 to 9.45 – Krisztian Som - The 10 Gbps Radio link: the technology and its applications


This is a by-invitation event.  To register email Nicholas@easywebdigital.com