ICT News 18.06.2019

Early in 2018, we began our partnership with the incredible and socially intuitive business, Hitnet. The company plays a vital role in furthering Australian innovation in ‘Communication for Development’. Hitnet build smart digital ecosystems needed to reach and engage marginalised communities across Australia. Hitnet are bridging the digital divide by providing fixed indoor Community Hubs that allow members in remote communities, digital online access. These Hubs allow their surrounding communities to interact with local community content, health and social videos, interactive surveys and apps.

The Hitnet Community Hubs present in the form of a touchscreen kiosk, and the introduction of our WiFi hotspot feature creates a digital ecosystem around the Hubs. The secured WiFi access is centrally managed by the team here at Easyweb Digital. Our contribution fully complies with all relevant Australian legislation.

The Hitnet team have recently filled us in on the retrospective highlights from 2018. There were 8 urban Hubs, 8 regional Hubs and 18 remote Hubs. Their reports show that the Top 10 Community Hubs over the year were Woorabinda Hospital with 2877 uses, Saibai Island Health Centre with 2424 uses, Lockhart River Health Centre with 2289 uses, Ngukurr Community Centre with 2191 uses, Kalgoorlie Health Centre with 1701 uses, Napranum Health Centre with 1586 uses, Weipa Hospital with 1509 uses, Millingimbi Island Health Centre with 1226 uses, Inala Health Centre with 1074 uses and Cooktown Health Centre with 1001 uses.

Hitnet expanded after the success of their indoor units, by releasing the outdoor ‘Mobile Max’ Pilot Project which was trialed for 6-months outside of the Alice Springs Public Library. Easyweb Digital have also supplied a secure WiFi connection for this project. We are incredibly honoured to have engaged in a business partnership which offers digital connectivity in challenging, regional and remote locations. We cannot wait to see what the future holds.

You can see Hitnet’s full 2018 Annual Highlights catalog online, here.