Event 01.11.2018
Ramada Inn Zen Quarter

Last October 2018 the Ramada Inn Zen Quarter selected Easyweb Digital to upgrade its core and access networks. The new network will support the existing voice, CCTV, core hotel and guest WiFi applications and also the new high definition smart televisions that will deploy to each room.  

The main commercial drivers for the project's business case were to improve network reliability and add network capacity to support high demand applications such as 4K video streaming. 

In order to support the new high performance network infrastructure, a new fiber optic backbone had to be fitted between key cabling closets and the main communications room. 

The new network infrastructure was built using Ruckus Networks ICX7150 access switches and ICX7250 aggregation switches. The core consists of two high performance Mikrotik Cloud Core Routers. Each access switch is dual homed to aggregation switches and each aggregation switch is dual homed to the core routers. The network has built in redundancy with automatic traffic flow redirection in case or hardware failure.

The network built project was executed in two weeks early in December 2018. The services were cutover to the new network with minimal disruption to users and applications.   

The system is fully managed from Easyweb's Network Operating Centre in Melbourne. It uses cloud-hosted management tools such as Encapto, PRTG and Ruckus vSmartZone controllers for monitoring and reporting purposes.