St. Collins Lane is Melbourne’s newest luxury shopping and dining destination. Home to international and local brands and restaurants, St. Collins Lane management knew that offering WiFi would help bring more customers through the door and help promote the centre as a premier shopping destination.

Easyweb was chosen for the project for its unique ability to bring together robust and reliable WiFi connectivity with value-add extras.  In St Collins Lane these include a fully updateable branded portal, scheduled campaign content on connect and smart feedback surveys so that the centre can keep improving its offering.

Branded content

Easyweb deployed the Encapto WiFi user engagement and management platform to deliver branded targeted content to St Collins Lane WiFi users.  The platform allows shoppers to receive measured WiFi access, engaging content on connect, and useful centre information on a St Collins Lane branded WiFi portal.  Targeted messaging using Encapto’s campaign feature allows St Collins Lane to promote specials and tenant brands to WiFi users.

User feedback for planning

St Collins Lane realised that the Easyweb system would enable two-way communications with centre customers to develop a better understanding of their visitors.  The system enables St Collins management to run customisable surveys as a part of the WiFi logon process.  The centre uses this function to gather feedback on performance as well as valuable demographic information on visitors. 

A powerful marketing tool

The Encapto system offers a range of authentication methods that allow St Collins Lane to extend its marketing reach.  Email and Facebook login open up a communications channel with visitors onsite that continues after they have left the centre.  St Collins Lane’s marketing team was able to vastly increase its contact database with a highly engaged and valuable group: those who have spent time at its impressive site.

Flexible deployment

With no existing network infrastructure in place, Easyweb had to utilise what was available on site and organise the provision of internet connection as well as plan the entire network layout and installation. While our client, JLL, wanted a superfast internet connection as part of delivering premium service to visitors, it was not possible at that time due to NBN network that has not yet being rolled out in the area. Easyweb provided an interim solution and used 4G in the beginning to get the network up and running while waiting for NBN to be available.

2016 when the building was still under construction to deploy WiFi network that would be ready to go by launch day.

St. Collins Lane is home to 60 boutique stores and restaurants. Using powerful wireless equipment, Easyweb Digital is able to deploy storewide network across an area of more than 9,000sqm and allow IT department to manage this network from one single location.

With careful planning, permits, equipment configuration and staff well-coordinated in advance, the network was up and running in just a matter of days.

Monitoring & Reporting

Easyweb Digital provides a complete managed WiFi network solution for St. Collins Lane from installation to network management. Encapto WiFi management software enables St. Collins Lane to monitor its network performance and usage through Encapto reporting module. Key information such as the number of users, type of devices used, data uploaded and downloaded are presentable in graph and tabular formats which can be easily generated for future use. Over 4,000 sessions a month was recorded since deployment.

Maintenance & Support

Full end user support is provided from the Easyweb Network operations Centre from 8am until 8pm AEST. An Easyweb manned 1300 number enables users with WiFi questions or issues to access our trained team of skilled engineers for speedy resolution.