Situated in Victoria, and famed as one of Australia’s most productive farming regions, Goulburn Valley is also home to a vibrant and increasingly tech-savvy culture. Goulburn Valley Libraries (GVL) plan to nurture this aspect of the region by providing 11 information hubs across the Greater Shepparton region and the Shires of Moira and Strathbogie.

To keep up with the exponential development of our technological landscape, it has become increasingly valuable for GVL sites to have multi-functional online access. To fulfil GVL’s vision, they required a robust public WiFi system that would offer flexibility, user-friendliness, simple management for staff and easy access for patrons with optimal security.

In early 2018, Easyweb Digital was selected to implement a new public WiFi system which utilises their Australian designed and developed, cost-effective WiFi management platform, Encapto. They carried out deployment in March of 2018.


Prior to GVL joining forces with Easyweb Digital, librarians issued single-use paper tickets with log in details and 1, 2 and 3 hour time limits for library members and the public - an arduous and time consuming system for staff and patrons alike.

The Easyweb Digital managed Encapto WiFi platform draws information directly from the library membership database to provide tiered access for members and visitors with no staff intervention. The Encapto SIP2 integration and granular time, data, and rate limit means offering a premium service to members at the click of a button. At the same time, visitors continue to enjoy general WiFi access through a simple click to get online.

The solution delivers flexibility and control, frees up librarian time, and dramatically reduces paper wastage.


Encapto’s granular user permissions are used by GVL sites to provide separate access for staff with different management and reporting responsibilities. The GVL management team are able to view the network across all sites, while librarians are able to control messaging on the captive portal at local sites only.

Easyweb Digital is a licensed carrier so GVL can rest easy in the knowledge that the WiFi system is fully compliant with Telecommunications and Data Retention and Interception legislation.


The Encapto platform offers GVL the opportunity to send targeted library messages to end users, collect feedback and information via optional surveys, and customise the captive portal as required. The Encapto Campaign feature enables the delivery of scheduled and targeted messages during the logon process. The survey feature allows GVL to truly understand their patrons, and provide them with the information that they need.


The Encapto management platform contains all the features needed for safe library browsing: the ability to block websites by individual site or category, black and white list end user devices by MAC addresses if required, and provide secure connections which prevent end users connecting directly to each other.

As libraries attract a wide age demographic, Encapto gives GVL the ability to monitor and control what can be explored and by which devices while connected to their WiFi - making the library a safe online space for all ages.


Previously, GVL sites were equipped with consumer grade WiFi equipment, meaning patchy coverage and often unreliable connections. During deployment Easyweb Digital upgraded all GVL sites to and new Encapto Gateways and enterprise grade Ruckus access points.

Typically, each Ruckus R310 access point was mounted centrally on the library ceilings where possible to allow for a WiFi signal which would cover the entire library space.


The Easyweb Digital installation team scheduled a five day install period from the end of March 2018. However, the team conducting installations completed hardware deployment with a day to spare. The installation team made early starts to avoid any conflict with business hours or public foot-traffic. Hardware was configured and tested offsite to ensure a speedy installation and smooth deployment.

The Easyweb crew’s innate friendly attitude, efficiency and professionalism delivered a quality system in record time.


Easyweb provides a fully managed service for GVL, remotely monitoring uptime and link performance using its Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management system. Performance alarms are quickly analysed and acted upon.

Full customer support is provided from the Easyweb Network Operations Centre (NOC) daily from 8am until 8pm AEST. An Easyweb manned 1300 number enables customers with questions or issues to access the team of skilled engineers for speedy resolution.

“The Easyweb Digital installation team began hardware deployment early each morning and made sure to do the best they could in accordance with each environment. Primarily, the APs were mounted centrally on the ceilings; this often required climbing into ceilings and running cable for some distances. They were keen to have all elements working as well as they could in our libraries, and make the installations look as tidy and professional as possible. They finished the scheduled 5-day installation in just 4 days. The installers were professional, cheerful and helpful, they are an asset to the Easyweb Digital team and wonderful ambassadors for your company and your product.”

- Dylan O’Connell, Information Technology Officer, Goulburn Valley Libraries