ICT News 22.04.2020

The world’s people are facing an issue which has substantially disrupted daily routine; this is the COVID-19 pandemic. While everyone shows responsibility and practices physically distancing themselves from others, we know that communication is still essential. Whether for work or play, our team knows very well, the necessity of a WiFi network.

We have had several inquiries regarding emergency support services, as the internet has been the primary glue which connects people during this time. The demand for reliable WiFi has seen a major incline.

In this state of limbo, Easyweb Digital understands that a Public WiFi network can act as a powerful ‘community lifeline.’ This is particularly pertinent for those with irregular internet access, or who rely on WiFi networks provided by the now closed, non-essential facilities.

Due to the highly infectious nature of this virus, our team are now working remotely at home and abstaining from physical meetings with our customers. Our solutions are fashioned to match; Easyweb Digital offer solutions which can be installed and commissioned without our team members physically interacting directly at the site. As it stands, we work with many remote indigenous communities, and we do not want to pose the risk of virus introduction to these close-knit communities. It would be devastating. Our no-contact solutions are the most responsible for setting up the utility of internet access to people during these times.

All Easyweb Digital solutions offer: a single point of contact for the service provision and support; are Australian designed, developed, hosted and supported; and fully compliant with the Telecommunications and Data Retention and Interception Acts.

Currently, we are offering two (2) key, ‘self contained solutions’ to meet increased demand. The first solution requires 240 VAC power. Therefore, must be installed by a licensed electrician. The second solution is solar powered, thus fully self-contained. Each solution requires an internet connection; hardwired (NBN), 4G/5G, or satellite, depending on availability. We can even integrate with existing customer networks.

Option 1: All Outdoor WiFI Cabinet

  • All outdoor
  • Self contained weatherproof cabinet
  • Managed Gateway with WiFi and Content Filtering
  • Preset and ready to install
  • WiFi up to 100 metres
  • 4G Internet backhaul​​​​​​​
  • Connect to 240 VAC

Option 2: Solar Picnic Table with WiFi
Although picnics are currently off the cards, we are all encouraged to take in some fresh air each day while applying our social distancing techniques. Thus, nearby park visitors can access Public WiFi by utilising this solution.

  • All Outdoor
  • Self contained, weatherproof cabinet
  • Managed Gateway with WiFi and Content Filtering
  • Preset and ready to install
  • WiFi up to 100 metres away
  • NO 240 VAC
  • 4G or Satellite backhaul

Additionally, Easyweb Digital’s usual no-contact services remain available.

Easyweb Digital Public WiFi Managed Service:

  • Managed using our Encapto Public WiFi Platform
  • Remote Monitoring, Remote Support and Management, Help Desk
  • Our service is fully compliant with the Telecommunications, Data Retention and Interception and Privacy Acts​​​​​​​
  • Easyweb Digital is a licensed Carrier in Australia

About the Encapto Platform:
Our premium Public WiFi management platform for Local, State and Commonwealth government environments. Encapto grants the tools needed to aid Public Engagement, and offers extensive Reporting and Analytics. This means our customers are able to understand and adapt (when necessary) to user needs.
- Functionality:

  • Flexible Portal design options
  • Data acquisition by customer surveys and usage statistics
  • Information / advertising campaigns 
  • Content Filtering
  • Smart Reporting

- Hosted in AWS Australia
- Fully Compliant with Australian Legislation
- Full GDPR compliance for data privacy
- Scalable
- Extensible
- APIs upstream and downstream

To get in touch for further technical or pricing information, please call our office number, 1300 135 249, which will reroute to our team members in their home offices.