ICT News 08.03.2018
NEC IPasolink EX Advanced

Horsham Rural City Council Gets Upgraded to First Class

Last month some of our Easyweb  super stars, Ben, Sean, Mal, Lindsay and Daniel went for a journey to Horsham in Victoria. They gave the council a wonderful connectivity makeover - it may be an abstract makeover, but it sure does speed up their online interaction!

The team installed our first NEC iPasolink EX Advanced 10 Gbps microwave radio link for the Horsham Rural City Council. And the resulting super fast, robust connectivity installation took place within a week without any disruption. The installation of the microwave radio link means that the Horsham Rural City Council is now able to interconnect its key sites at a super speedy rate of 10 Gigabits per second.

We are proud to have equipped them with this technology and look forward to undertaking many more installations like this to continue revolutionising communications within communities, local and regional councils into the future!