ICT News 16.08.2018

Today, we bid farewell to our Sales and Marketing Assistant, Dusty. She is on her next journey for now, taking on some of the most wonderful parts of Europe and the United Kingdom with her partner, family and friends.

Dusty has been with Easyweb Digital for just over 6 months, but has proven to be a great addition to the workplace during this time. She has assisted with administration duties, customer relationship management, support calls, conference logistics, and piecing together a myriad of written segments for us. Over farewell pizza at lunchtime, she exclaimed that she has had an amazing time with the Easyweb Digital team and is glad that her first job following her tertiary education has been positive. She feels she has managed to apply her education and interests into the job, while picking up new information surrounding the operations of a technology business. Dusty has always highlighted the fact she enjoys the atmosphere of our office; because she thrives in new environments where she is learning something new every day. Dusty had basic knowledge of our Wi-Fi systems before starting, but has managed to grasp more technical aspects of our work each day. This has provided her with the ability to truly engage with customers and patrons, and build high-level case studies and craft news items fit for our website.

We hope she has a great time travelling to a part of the world which she has never set foot, but we will miss her presence here in the office. However, it is not goodbye forever, Dusty promised us she will be back to visit us soon!

And who knows, you may even hear her voice again in future when you give us a call…


From your Easyweb mates....  We will miss you!