Event 13.07.2017
Matt Virgona and Meret MacDonald at Hidden Valley

Jenny MacFarland from CAYLUS  and Daniel Sacchero from Easyweb visited Matt Virgona and Meret MacDonald at the Hidden Valley Community Centre to get some feedback on the performance of the Happy Hotspot WiFi system provided by Easyweb. There is a CAYLUS provided computer room at the site that is used by indigenous kids to access the Internet and play games like Minecraft. 

Despite being a short drive away from Alice Springs the community has not many telecommunications services available. A public phone-box, a weak mobile service and no broadband copper or fibre services. The only Internet service available is the NBN Skymuster satellite service.  Tests carried out during the visit showed that the Skymuster service was running quite slow compared to the experience at other sites.  The slow performance has been reported to the NBN so we are expecting a resolution.