ICT News 23.01.2019

Guess what?

You could hear Dusty’s voice when you call Easyweb Digital again! That’s right. She’s back. But if you’re calling for technical support or with sales queries, she’ll be palming you off to the Easyweb techies. Dusty is now our Marketing and Communications Coordinator; it’s her job to make sure Easyweb remains current and our outreach aligns with customer needs, community and an ever changing marketplace. Dusty will be making sure that all planning and logistics are done and… Dusty-ed… before Easyweb heads to, or hosts an event.

When Dusty left us to spend 6 weeks travelling around Europe and the United Kingdom, she knew there was potential to slink back into our office after her return. But she didn’t hold her breath for a ticket back, she waited patiently. Dusty took on an internship and became employed in two part-time roles.

After the busy whirlwind of late 2018 settled, we entered the New Year and realised that we needed Dusty back to start 2019 right! We begged and pleaded for her return, and she finally said ‘yes’ after rearranging her busy schedule especially for us. We are so very lucky to have her at the hub once again.

We are expecting great progress this year, and now we get to share it with one more team member!