Easyweb Digital’s upgrade delivers improved network reliability and capacity to support high demand applications such as 4K video streaming.

Easyweb Digital have been working with Ramada Suites Zen Quarter since 2014. In October of 2018, Easyweb Digital were selected to upgrade the hotel’s core and access networks. The new network was designed to support their existing voice, CCTV, core hotel and guest WiFi applications and the new high definition smart televisions deployed to each room.

Ramada Suites Zen Quarter stands in close proximity to the Darwin CBD, nightlife, shops, waterfront and restaurants. Their self-contained serviced apartments boast generous balconies to take in the views of both city and the water’s edge. While holidaying or on business, a comfortable housing arrangement with excellent amenities is paramount for stress-free travel. One of the most necessary features for those in the 21st Century? Reliable internet access.

“This switch upgrade investment allows us to deliver a new and improved digital experience to our hotel guests. Over the years, Easyweb Digital has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to help the growth of our business; it is a pleasure to work with them.”

- Michael Anthony, Director, Ramada Suites Zen Quarter


Zen Quarter’s high quality equipment upgrade means Ramada Suites now provide their guests with unprecedented internet access and WiFi speeds. The new network infrastructure was built using Ruckus Networks ICX7150 access switches and ICX7250 aggregation switches. The core consists of two high performance MikroTik Cloud Core Routers. Each access switch is dual homed to aggregation switches and each aggregation switch is dual homed to the core routers. The network has built in redundancy with automatic traffic flow redirection in case of hardware failure.

To support this high performance network infrastructure, a new fibre optic backbone was fitted between key cabling closets and the main communications room.


To reduce the risk of network interruptions for Ramada Suites, the Easyweb Digital installation team had to work within tight time windows. They set up two new cabling closets and planned a very complex migration to ensure minimum disruption for both staff and guests.

The network build project was executed in just two weeks in December of 2018. The network was set up and tested at Easyweb Digital premises before being deployed to site.


The Encapto WiFi guest access platform allows management at Ramada Suites to easily configure, update and customise the portal branding, links, images and messaging. Their current splash page links to visitor information, contact details and their website.

The user friendly interface ensures ease of use and maximum exposure for Ramada Suites Zen Quarter.


The entire Ramada Suites Zen Quarter enterprise network is remotely monitored and managed from the Easyweb Digital Network Operations Centre in Melbourne using cloud-hosted management tools such as Encapto, PRTG and Ruckus Networks SmartZone controller.

Easyweb Digital remotely monitor equipment uptime and performance using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management system. Performance alarms aid swift analysis and response in case of fault or abnormal conditions.

Full customer support is provided from the Easyweb Digital Network Operations Centre from 8am until 8pm AEST. The Easyweb Digital 1300 number enables our customers with network infrastructure issues to access our trained team of skilled engineers for speedy resolution.