Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is internationally recognised as a World Heritage Area, attracting more than 250,000 visitors each year to Australia’s iconic red rock.

Situated in a remote area where cellular coverage is both limited and costly, Easyweb’s satellite WiFi system keeps visitors connected and engaged.

The Encapto WiFi management platform provides management control over messaging and network usage while robust Ruckus hardware weathers the sometimes extreme natural elements. The system was deployed rapidly and is fully managed by Easyweb support engineers for a seamless WiFi experience at an affordable price point.

Satellite Connectivity

To overcome connectivity issues in this remote location, Orion satellite service and a 3G backup provide an unlimited internet connection to the Uluru WiFi system.  Satellite dishes were shipped to Alice Springs where they came together with Easyweb configured WiFi equipment for the journey to site. 

Easyweb engineers mounted the equipment, carrying out alignment and fine-tuning to ensure maximum throughput.  The equipment connects to discreetly located custom housings built to withstand the elements and minimise environmental impact.

The Encapto WiFi management system ensures fair usage for each connected user.

Branded Login Portal

Uluru’s splash page shows handy visitor information, is easily configured by the parks’ staff and can be updated at any time. This multipage portal also acts as the first point of contact when visitors login to the network and its user friendly interface ensures ease of use and maximum exposure for Uluru’s branding, images and messaging.

Seamless Network Deployment

One of the main concerns expressed was how the installation process would affect the aesthetics of the area and the possibility of causing any damage onsite. Installation had to be carefully timed so as to not obstruct access for members of the public and to be executed following park rules and guidelines.

Installation was managed from Easyweb’s project management HQ. Access requirements, such as night work, site induction and permits were co-ordinated in advance to enable the quick deployment of Access Points and controllers onsite. Deployment of the network took less than 4 days.

Comprehensive Reporting

The Encapto control panel enables Uluru National Park to monitor network performance from anywhere. Encapto reporting recorded more than 1,500 users in the first two months of operation and usage has continued to grow since. Statistics on the control panel show valuable insights such as download and uploads, device types, total number of sessions and session times.

Maintenance and Support

Full end user support is provided from the Easyweb Network Operations Centre from 8am until 8pm AEST. An Easyweb manned 1300 number enables users with WiFi questions or issues to access our trained team of skilled engineers for speedy resolution.