ICT News 03.12.2019

As Easyweb Digital is a leading Australian provider of digital connectivity to government agencies, we have been successful in becoming appointed to the ICTSS.13.03 Services Panel for the provision of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Services: Managed Public WiFi and Managed Network Infrastructure Services including Switching, WiFi, SD WAN and Point to Point Links.

We specialise in fully managed services that engage and connect councils and their communities.

Our systems enable our clients to comply with Australian data privacy, retention, and interception legislation and we are a licensed telecommunications carrier.

We currently service some of Australia’s largest and most forward thinking local governments including those in remote areas and Indigenous communities.

Shortly, we will appear on the Queensland Contracts Directory as an ICTSS.13.03 panel member. This provides us with opportunities to engage with government agencies searching for the ICT Services which we offer.

To discuss how we can assist with your communications network needs, please contact us.